NOSHA News April 2015

Distracted Driving Awareness Month April is the National Safety Council’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The following is an excerpt from highlighting the dangers of using hands-free devices while driving. The Hands—Free Myth Do you think using a hands-free device—whether it’s an earpiece or a dashboard infotainment system— is the safe way to drive and talk on the phone? If so, you’re not alone. A recent National Safety Council poll shows that 80% of U.S. drivers believe hands-free cell phones are safer than using handheld. However, it’s just not true. More than 30 studies show that using hands-free systems provide drivers no safety benefit. Even with both hands on the whee

NOSHA News March 2015

The Supervisor’s Responsibility for Tool Safety Supervisors are responsible for the safety and health of their employees. This holds true when ensuring employees are using tools safely. The National Safety Council recommends that supervisors have a centralized tool room and tool room attendant, if possible. An attendant can help make recommendations for employees on using the right kind of tool as well as when to replace an old or damaged tool. If an attendant is not an option, supervisors should check over tools weekly, NSC states. If your company allows workers to use their own personal tools, ensure the tools meet any necessary standards. Do not allow employees to use unsafe tools. U

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