NOSHA News August 2015

5 Useful Workplace Safety Apps

iAuditor (Free for iPhone, iPad, Android) – This is probably most popular safety app among safety professionals. You can create custom forms from scratch, reuse existing forms, and even generate and edit forms on your computer with a spreadsheet and import them into iAuditor. There’s also a shared Public Library of over 40,000 inspection forms, making it the world’s largest online repository of Safety Inspection Checklists. In addition, you can share forms with others via the SafetyCulture Cloud, and email completed checklists in the “PDF” format for free.

NIOSH Ladder Safety (Free for iPhone, iPad, Android) – This app uses visual and audio signals to make it easier for workers using extension ladders to check the angle the ladder is positioned at. It also provides graphic-oriented interactive reference materials, safety guidelines, and checklists for extension ladder selection, inspection, accessorizing, and use.

SPLnFFT Noise Meter (3.99 for iPhone, iPad) - Handy little app to provide workplace noise measurements for screening purposes (or quick spot measurements). Although quite accurate, if it indicates a serious noise problem, you will need to get a professional Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meter. Although NIOSH does not recommend nor endorse a particular commercial product, this was one of two apps that had the best accuracy over the testing range conducted in a NIOSH study of 192 sound measurement apps

Easy OHS – Hazard & Risk Identification Record (Free for iPhone, iPad) – Official Description: A truly mobile and powerful way to capture and record incident details and subsequent treatment. Never again will you need to keep extensive and confusing paperwork. Easily capture vital Hazard Information including site of dates, control, action required and action taken; Attach Photo & Video evidence to clearly record potential workplace hazards from camera roll or Dropbox ; Filter and Communicate OHS Hazard Reports via Email & Dropbox.

OSHA Safety (Free for iPhone, iPad) – This app includes the full text of the OSHA regulations for General Industry and Business. These OSHA 1910 Regulations cover most work places, including manufacturing, service industries, warehouses and distribution centers, and the medical / dental fields. Also includes OSHA news and interpretations of standards. Easy to use when you’re on the go, and can even be used offline!

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