NOSHA News June 2016

June is National Safety Month

The theme of National Safety Month 2016 is "Safe 4 Life." The emphasis is on safety not only at work, but in everyday life. Preventable injuries are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease. Here are some statistics and tips from the National Safety Council, reminding us that making a small change today can make a huge difference tomorrow:

Top Risks by Age Group:

Under 12 months: Mechanical Suffocation, more than 2 deaths per day

Tips: Have infants sleep in a crib, not the parent's bed. Place infants on their back to sleep, and keep stuffed animals and blankets out of cribs.

Age 1 to 24 years: Traffic Crashes, more than 20 preventable deaths per day

Tips: Buckle up every trip, every time in size-appropriate restraints. Drive with teens to gain more experience even after licensure. Don't use electronic devices while driving.

Age 25 to 64 years: Poisoning, more than 92 preventable deaths per day

Tips: Ask your doctor about alternatives to prescription pain medication. If you have to take opioids, take the smallest dose for the shortest time. Never share your prescriptions with friends and family.

Age 65 & Older: Falls, more than 69 preventable deaths per day

Tips: Use non-skid mats in the bath and shower. Install grab bars near the tub, toilet and stairs. Provide adequate lighting in every room and stairway.

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