A Word From the President

Greetings NOSHA Members

I am honored to have served as the NOSHA president for the past six years. Regrettably, I will be stepping down effective immediately. A new position with Motor Coach Industries has me responsible for eight locations across the U.S. and Canada. As you can imagine, this requires a fair amount of travel. While I am torn between my love of NOSHA and my commitment to my new position, I felt I had no choice but to step down. It wouldn’t have been fair to think I could have done any service to the association. Best just to fade away. Besides, it’s not healthy for ANY organization to have the same president for an extended period of time. Either way, it’s time for fresh minds and fresh ideas!

Your new President is Tony Vigness, and I know Tony’s energy, passion, and commitment to excellence will continue moving NOSHA to new and better things! The board of directors are some of the most talented and committed safety people I know. What a great group of people! Trust me when I tell you, NOSHA is in great hands.

I am hoping to not disappear completely. I still plan on attending general membership meetings when I can, and I will ensure that MCI stays a member company. I value my years with NOSHA very highly, and there is no way you could put a price on the friendships and networking I have developed over the years. NOSHA has helped me in so many ways as a safety professional. The monthly presentations and the connections with agencies has helped me to continuously improve. Trust me, this is an unsolicited testimonial. But think about it, isn’t that what NOSHA is all about?

I wish all of you the very best going forward, and hope to see you from time to time. As I fade into the sunset, I will leave you with this challenge: Become an active member in NOSHA! Volunteer to help out with an event, serve a term on the board of directors, heck – even become President! Every little bit helps. We all know how busy we are.

Best of luck to an exciting 2019, and all of the things you can accomplish together. Please remember that this is YOUR association, so if you have ideas for activities or speakers, please let a member of the board know.

Have a great 2019 and beyond, and to steal a line from Hill Street Blues: Be careful out there!


Dan Mankie

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