Wylie Davidson - Safe 4 the Right Reasons

Creating a positive safety culture is both an Art and a Science! The Science addresses all of the regulations, compliance and engineering, and most companies have this covered. The Art side, or what we refer to as "the thin air" or human side of the equation, can be the greatest challenge for companies to conquer.


Safe 4 the Right Reasons breaks down our basic human nature and delivers a personal motivation to each employee to value their safety. This message also addresses how we must watch out for each other and be our brother's keeper. The best part of this message is that it is personal for every employee, and can be incorporated into all of your safety messages and trainings. It serves as the foundation of your safety culture for years to come.


Dr. Rozina Lakhani - Transform Work Stress and Fatigue into Joy and Vibrancy

Leaders face a special set of challenges - Trying to meet their goals by getting their teams to perform their best by challenging them while avoiding injuries. When team members are stressed and fatigued, they become absent-minded and perform poorly. The result is mistakes costing billions of dollars in damage and injury. This leads to more absenteeism and turnover and further negative work environment.
In this engaging program, you will learn;

      ● How to prevent work stress and fatigue, improve focus and perform with the most efficiency
      ● How to overcome being overwhelmed by an unending to-do list
      ● How to calm down in the middle of the chaos even when you don’t have any time
      ● How to cope with difficult team members.
      ● How to decrease sick time due to stress-related symptoms, such as headaches and digestion problems


Ronn Lehmann - Teaming With The Field: Building Bridges Between Safety                                          Professionals and Field Leaders

The Safety Professional has a challenging role. And no matter how skilled or knowledgeable, success relies on the cooperation of Supervisors, Managers, and other Field Personnel. The successful Safety Professional relies on Teaming with Field Supervisors and Managers.


Teaming builds trust and shared accountability for safety. And it prevents the Safety Professional from being seen simply as “The Safety Sheriff” or “The Production Prevention Department”.


In this presentation, I share stories and information to help Safety Professionals learn the nature of successful teams and how to team with Field Personnel to ensure Safety.