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Danny Smith - Senior Safety Consultant at SafeStart
Keynote Topic: “It’s Not Rocket Surgery, It’s Brain Science! Understanding the Complexities of Safety”
It’s easy to get lost in the discussion of the neuroscience surrounding the brain’s conscious and subconscious functions and their impact on injury potential. Gaining an understanding of concepts including habit formation, intentional and unintentional actions, and how human factors influence our actions is critical to improving our workers’ safety.

John Young - ND Safety Council

Topic: “Best Practices for an OSHA Inspection”

During this presentation John Young will discuss what to expect during an OSHA inspection focusing on 29 CFR 1903, the OSHA Act, and his 20 years’ experience in OSHA. This presentation is a participative learning event in which he will discuss why the agency asks for certain documents and why they interview certain employees.

Travis Jacobson - Minnkota Power, UND Police Dept.

Topic: “ Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use in the Workplace” 

This presentation helps Managers and Supervisors recognize signs and symptoms of drug use in their workplace and why it’s important.  Employees who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol can pose a safety risk to themselves, their co-workers, and the public. Drug use can impair judgment, motor skills, and reaction time, increasing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.  Reasonable suspicion drug testing is an important tool for employers to ensure a safe and productive work environment while also complying with legal requirements.  This presentation will help the audience recognize physical signs and symptoms to the point that they feel confident enough to take action. 


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